Last week was an exciting time for skateboarding fans in Northern New Mexico. Not only was a new skatepark opening up in the state, but legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk was going to be on-hand for the opening day festivities.

One of those lifelong skateboard fans included the Navajo Nation President, Buu Nygren, who told the Albuquerque Journal Hawk was a childhood hero of his. If Nygren could go back in time and tell his younger self he would be able to join Hawk for a skate session in the future, he probably wouldn't have believed it, but that's exactly what happened.

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On Monday, the Diné Skate Garden Project held its grand opening celebration in Two Grey Hills, located in Northwestern New Mexico in the Navajo Nation. The skate park was funded by the Skatepark Project, a nonprofit foundation created by Tony Hawk.

One of the most talked about moment was when the Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren dropped into a bowl for the opening day skate session along with Hawk. The 36-year-old tribe leader was able to show off his skills to his childhood hero. While Tony Hawk's visit was eventful enough, the skatepark will give children a healthy activity, especially since it was built between Shiprock and Gallup, NM in a remote area of the Navajo Nation.

The skate park opened in October 2022 but Hawk attended the grand opening last week. Check out the video of the celebration below and read more about the event on the Albuquerque Journal website.

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