Last Saturday, the baseball world lost two Hall of Famers in the same day. Stan "The Man" Musial, one of the greatest hitters in baseball history died at the age of 92. Earlier that day, Earl Weaver, one of the most successful managers of the Post-World War II era died of a heart attack at the age of 82. Weaver was on a cruise ship associated with the Baltimore Orioles when he suffered the heart attack.

From 1968-1985, Weaver was one of the best managers in baseball. He won a World Series in 1970 and took Baltimore to the World Series three more times. He was named Manager of the Year three times and never had a losing season until his final year managing the Orioles in 1985. Weaver was known as much for his fiery personality as his baseball wit and winning formula.

That brings us to this classic confrontation with American League umpire Bill Haller. The year was 1980 and Baltimore was hosting the Detroit Tigers. In the first inning, Haller called a balk on Orioles pitcher Mike Flanagan. Baltimore first baseman and future Hall of Famer Eddie Murray began arguing with Haller before Weaver quickly joined the conversation and started screaming at the ump. What makes this video so much fun to watch is that Haller was miked up for a documentary that profiled baseball umpires and the entire argument is clearly audible. I have to warn you that the language is not appropriate for some, so please do not watch if that offends you. Otherwise, pop open a cold one, sit back, and enjoy one of the all-time great managers in action!

Caution: video contains explicit language.