Calling local lovers of all things paranormal, there’s a conference making its debut in October you might be interested in attending.

The Las Cruces ParaCon, set for October 2-3 in the Las Cruces Convention Center, will feature various authorities in the paranormal field as well as psychic mediums, paranormal investigation groups, and vendors selling books, equipment, readings, and holistic stuff. Think Comic-Con for paranormal enthusiasts.

Become a Real-Life Ghost Hunter - Paranormal Training for Beginners

One of the seminars will be led by Ramiro Galvan of Paranormal Research Investigation El Paso. Ramiro, who is the Official Paranormal Investigator for Mike and Tricia Mornings, will speak to aspiring ghost-busters about the essentials of ghost hunting.

If things that go bump in the night and other mysterious activity fascinates you, and becoming the next Zak Bagans is something you dream about, you should attend his talk.

Paranormal Research Investigations - PRI El Paso
Paranormal Research Investigations - PRI El Paso

UFO’s, Demons, and Shadow People

Other speakers will include specialists in Ufology, demonology, and one of the leading experts in “human shaped shadow phenomenon.”

Depending on your level of belief, shadow people are either supernatural apparitions, extra-dimensional inhabitants of another universe, or optical illusions.

All I know is they are creepy AF. Check out one of those shadow things someone on a Paso Del Norte Paranormal Society (Ghosts915) tour unknowingly captured during the group’s September 4, 2021 Concordia Cemetery walk.

Tam N Dettloff via PDNPS
Tam N Dettloff via PDNPS

Other Las Cruces ParaCon Guests

Psychic Medium Blake Cahoon will be doing what is called a gallery reading. That’s where the psychic “reads” for a group who are all together in one room and lets the spirits decides who wants to come through and who they want to connect with.

An ex-police officer from El Paso, James Keenan, will speak on the infamous Skinwalker Ranch in Utah reputed to be the site of paranormal and UFO-related activities that have been going on for decades.

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LCPC 2021

Ticket info and other details can found on the conference website. Las Cruces ParaCon will take place in the Las Cruces Convention Center on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 2-3.

Cool. That gives me time to get my Official Ghostbusters Jumpsuit dry-cleaned and my proton pack out of storage.

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