New York Knicks broadcaster Marv Albert may have been caught with his pants down a few years back, but Lakers’ radio and TV sportscaster John Ireland was caught doing something equally as embarrassing.

He was powdering his nose, his face and his hairline with reckless abandon on camera. Uneven skintone must be a cardinal sin for Ireland. Yeah, yeah, the camera adds 10 lbs. and with the HD technology, every wrinkle and/or blemish is magnified but Ireland cakes so much junk on his face you’d think he worked in special effects.

While watching him furiously layer on about two inches of makeup onto his face, with special, detailed concentration around the hairline is gut-busting, it’s his reaction to being caught applying more foundation than a drag queen is hilarious.

If he hadn’t applied so much cover up, we’d have seen the color drain from his face. His draw drops, his eyes narrow and embarrassment furrows in his brow. He doesn’t say a word, but his expression is one of “Oh s—.” Busted!