Three ties for both squads in franchise history. The San Francisco 49ers (6-2-1) and the St. Louis Rams (3-5-1) held down a unique game within the NFC West.

Will there be overtime confusion, again? Well, it keeps on baffling even the average of fans to the biggest fanatics. Not when it comes to their team, but the rules of the game. Tied 24-24, after both teams had possession and failed to get in the end zone and score a TD, overtime continues in sudden-death mode until a score is made or the 15-minute period ends. In this case, 15-minutes of fame were over for both teams and we all saw a check for the first time this season in the third column.


Blame it on Alex Smith's concussion and the 49ers dropping their defense in the first half, the box score does little justice for the second half as the 49ers came back against the Rams. Nonetheless, the 49ers should have came through as they are favored to clinch the NFC West.

Both teams came through trying to avoid the tie. Not to mention former Texas Tech players, Michael Crabtree with five receptions for 70-yards and shelved one TD, who was initially deemed ill prior to the game and came through last minute. St .Louis wide receiver, Danny Amendola, came through with 11 receptions and 102 yards.

A tie? Yup, a tie! Always brings me back to this:

Photo/Jaime Chavez

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