Ever since he arrived in Los Angeles in June, rookie outfielder Yasiel Puig has energized the Dodgers with his style of play on the field. At the same time, his behavior has also made plenty of enemies in opposing clubhouses. The latest example took place in the 4th inning of last night's third game of the National League Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals. Puig, who had been in an 0-11 slump, drove a pitch from Adam Wainwright off the wall in right field.

Puig, clearly though the ball was a home run when it hit his bat, and started raising his hands to celebrate what he thought was a home run. When he realized the ball was still in play, he sprinted around the bases but started clapping when he arrived at third base. That was enough for Cardinals' all star right fielder Carlos Beltran.

"As a player, I just think he doesn't know [how to act]," Beltran said. "That's what I think. He really doesn't know. He must think that he's still playing somewhere else.

"He has a lot of passion, no doubt about that -- great ability, great talent. I think with time he'll learn that you've got to act with a little bit more calm."

Both teams continue their best-of-7 series tonight, with St. Louis still leading 2-1. It will be interesting to see if any Cardinals pitchers decide to throw at the Cuban star, in opposition for his antics last night.


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