It is crazy how some people can actually say baseball is a boring sport. Baseball is actually pretty fun if you think about it. Besides the excitement of the game, what makes baseball fun is catching the foul balls, the atmosphere, especially the rallies.

In 2017, I remember wearing my rally hat along with a few others during a Chihuahuas baseball game. Now when parts of the crowd rallied it wasn't as wild as the Rally Granny at the Dodgers games. Yes, the Los Angeles Dodgers have a longtime fan that gets wild at games.

There is an elderly woman who absolutely loves the Dodgers and is the real star of the Dodger game. She is known at Dodger games as the Rally Granny and gets the crowd to go wild. I hope when I am her age I can also do the same kind of rallying for my team.

After watching the Dodgers Rally Granny pumping up the crowd, got me wondering about something. I think it would gnarly if the El Paso Chihuahuas also had a Rally Granny rooting for them. Plus, I like to believe certain crowds and maybe even the team would appreciate a rally granny.

After attending quite a few Chihuahuas baseball games myself, I've seen others get wild while rallying. But a rally granny would definitely fit right in with some El Paso Chihuahuas fans. You can see just how wild the Los Angeles Dodgers Rally Granny gets in the video provided by LasDoyerFans Instagram above.

After watching Rally Granny do her thing it reminded me of the El Paso Chihuahuas super fan, Rico Suave. If you still don't know Rico Suave, you can get a refresher of who Rico Suave is, above. Plus, I believe a rally granny and the El Paso Chihuahuas super fan, Rico Suave would be the dynamic duo at games. Don't you think? Share your two cents in the poll below.

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