Monday night on SportsTalk, we had the pleasure of having World Champion Kick Boxer Baxter Humby on the show. Baxter Humby also has one arm.

Humby is in El Paso for a LIMBS International event on November 12th, A Night In West Texas, where Humby will be a guest speaker. LIMBS International is a nonprofit organization that designs, creates, test and implements high-quality, low-cost prosthetics that can be made in the developing world.(Courtesy of Twitter)

By the way, LIMBS International is located here in El Paso.

Humby talks about his career, his first fight in Las Vegas, his second fight in Las Vegas, being nominated for an ESPY, being a stunt double in a Spider Man movie and much more.


"All together with my amateur career almost 20 years… I tried to give more than I received, like I have broken 3 guys legs, two arms, a jaw and a couple noses…"