After locking down (no pun intended) his second straight Defensive Player of the Year award this week, Kawhi Leonard is one of the big names in the NBA Playoffs. Deservedly so, Leonard is also leading the Spurs in scoring with 21.2 points per game.

Along with Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Carmelo Anthony and teammate LaMarcus Aldridge, The Klaw is endorsed by Jordan. The 2014 Finals MVP is expected to have some of his own gear drop later this week.

Leonard said he's been "working on the logo for years" and considering the design and concept, I would say it's been well worth the wait. You don't get a nickname like "The Klaw" for being some regular guy. You have to be a stingy defensive player. The hand incorporated with his initials K.L. in the design is simply incredible and adding his number on the index finger is the icing on the cake.

I bet people can't wait to "grab" the collection. He really "stole" the show with these creations. Ok, no more puns. Hopefully he releases his own signature shoe later on.

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