This story has been floating around since the end of last week. But, it's being reported wrong. People are claiming the signing of Kawhi Leonard cost McDonald's a ton of money in free french fries. No, McDonald's screwed up their estimate.

The promotion is quite simple. Any time the Raptors make 12 or more 3-pointers in a game, McDonald's gives out a free medium french fry.

The promotion was signed before Kawhi Leonard was traded to Toronto, and for some reason people are reporting that he, and Danny Green, suddenly brought more 3-pointers north of the border, which meant McDonald's was on the hook for more free fries.

McDonald's estimated 700,000 free french fries to be given away. But this season, they've given away 2 million. It would seem that signing guys who make more 3-pointers would lead to more free french fries.

If you look at the stats, that doesn't add up. The previous season, the Raptors had 43 games with 12 or more 3-pointers. This season? 44. Yup, just one more in the regular season. Now, maybe you want to add in the playoffs. Last season, they hit the mark 5 times. This season, they have hit it 10 times.

Add both of those up. 48 total last season, with a total of 54 this season. That's just 6 more. Most certainly not 3 times that amount that it was last season.

The only way you could possibly connect the signing of Kawhi Leonard to the spike in free french fries, is more people in Toronto paying attention to the team, therefore more claiming the free french fries. But TRIPLE the amount? It's not like the Raptors just went from worst to first. They've been in the playoffs for 6 straight seasons, and even made the Eastern Conference Finals just a few years ago.

So, no, Kawhi Leonard did not cost McDonald's a ton of money in free french fries.

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