Oh boy! Another waste of time and tax money because some Karen can't just deal with life and all of its minor inconveniences.

Lord have mercy, enough is enough! I can't make this crap up, and each time I write about another instance of entitled ladies being god-awful, I suddenly have a new wrinkle on my forehead. Coincidence? I think not.

A Karen was so annoyed with the sound of a little girl's Barbie Car beeping that she decided it was time to call the police, because I mean that was the logical thing to do, right?

Police have nothing better to do and just love coming out to scold little girls playing in Barbie cars. It's the reason for law enforcement, didn't you know? That's why they make the big bucks.

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People like this make me want to live in a cabin in the woods far away from humanity. I can't imagine calling EMERGENCY SERVICES because a Barbie car was causing me distress. Get over it, lady! Who are these Karens, and what primordial ooze did they crawl out, seemingly only to annoy the rest of us? When will it stop?

I would imagine this woman has a China cabinet with lots of pretty things in it that are totally off-limits to her grandkids, paired with a couch covered in plastic and a no-shoes-in-the-house policy. Live a little, Karen! Unclench those butt cheeks for 5 minutes and enjoy your life while allowing the others around you to do the same.

Go a couple of days without washing your hair. Walk to the mailbox barefoot. Leave the dishes in the sink overnight. Eat at a buffet and unbutton your pants in the car on the way home.

Go live.

Quit crying and whining about dumb s**t that doesn't matter. We all have to die someday. Why waste everyone's time being so entitled and grumpy? Why are you so miserable? That's all we will remember you for when you are gone one day. Surely you are good at something else, like, I dunno, crocheting exotic birds? Scrapbooking photos of Peter Rabbit? Making ambrosia salad? Focus on those things and quit sucking so much.

I'm tired of covering it, but you just keep giving me more material. I'm dying on this hill. Give me something nice to say, for f***'s sake. I'm losing my s**t.

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