The Kansas City Chiefs found themselves in an interesting predicament this offseason after winning the Super Bowl.

Usually, when you win the Super Bowl, you find yourself losing a lot of your roster to free agency because the price tag on those Super Bowl-winning players goes up.

The Chiefs, however, didn't have a lot of players hitting the market and were able to avoid a major roster overhaul.

On Saturday, the Chiefs kept another piece from a year ago as they re-signed wide receiver Demarcus Robinson to a one year deal.

In 2019, Robinson caught 32 passes and had 449 receiving yards.

Robinson was drafted in 2016 in the fourth round and after spending his rookie campaign on special teams, he transitioned to the wide receiver core and has continued to get more reps.

The Chiefs are hoping Robinson will continue to be a part of the future while also keeping continuity with the offense.


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