For the second time, SportsTalk had the pleasure of having on one of the most dominant yet controversial pitchers at the same time, John Rocker.

The former Major Leaguer joined Steve on Monday's show and like his first appearance was generous with his time.

Rocker is now helping homeless vets with his organization, PACE. This is an organization that he runs that helps homeless vets by putting them into houses, helping them to find jobs, getting them mental help if needed and hopefully gets the vets back on their feet and back into society to live a normal productive life. There are three homes in the Atlanta area now and Rocker's goal is to reach 50 homes.

Rocker also talks some baseball with us. He discusses his success financially as compared to other athletes, Alex Cobb getting hit by a line drive, throwing at batters, the Atlanta Braves and much more.


 "Just the city of Atlanta there are 2600 homeless veterans the VA knows about, there is probably 4000 to 5000 in reality. Nation wide there is close to 300,000."



"Obviously you do think about everyone's safety but I am just not so sure that pitchers receiving line drives off their body parts is enough of a concern to make league wide changes and things like that."