Joe Rogan has been talking about moving out of California and heading to Texas. CLICK HERE for an original story about Rogan talking about moving.

It appears Rogan has made good on this claim and is now moving to Texas. There was a picture floating around the Joe Rogan subreddit that claimed to be of the new Joe Rogan Experience studios being constructed in Texas. I can't find that picture now so I became rather skeptical about the move actually happening. Especially since weed isn't legal in Texas. That's kind of a big thing for Joe Rogan.

It is being reported now that Joe Rogan is moving to Texas, and more specifically the Austin area. Rogan's close friend Joey Diaz recently mentioned that he was thinking about moving out of California and that Rogan had told him he already was moving out and heading to Texas. 

The reason behind people moving out of California? Well, there's more than just one. The rise in taxes, the rise in crime rate, and the decrease in police funding. Texas does seem right up Joe Rogan's alley, other than the weed not being legal thing.

Rogan recently landed a huge deal with Spotify for his podcast. The deal is worth $100 million and it gives Spotify the exclusive rights to the Joe Rogan Experience. So if you've been listening Rogan's podcast on anything other than Spotify, get ready to switch because it won't be available anywhere other than Spotify. However, The Buzz Adams Morning Show Podcast and Rockstar 101, are available wherever you get your podcasts. Go subscribe and give them a listen.

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