Joe Rogan's podcast is huge. If you didn't know that, get out from underneath that rock you've been living under. His studios are located in Woodland Hills, CA and also includes a gym/sports facilities, an indoor archery range, and more.

Rogan also has many interests. He's a comedian who sells out arenas with Dave Chappelle. He's been working with the UFC for over 20 years. And of course, there's his podcast. One of the reasons he's able to do his podcast with the guests that he gets is the location. Plus, he likes being in the area of California he's in because it keeps him close to The Comedy Store, where he can get in consistent time to work on his set.

That's all changing now and he's not able to work at The Comedy Store. And it doesn't look like California is going to be loosening their restrictions anytime soon. However, here in the state of Texas we're starting to open things up a bit sooner. At least, that is until they the second wave hits and we have to go back to shutting things down again.

This isn't the first time Rogan has talked about leaving California. Now he's talking about coming to Texas and it looks like he has Austin or Dallas in his sights. Of course, this is just him riffing on his podcast, but I'll say it right now. Come on over to El Paso Mr. Rogan. It's a great city where you could build your studio/gym/man cave for pretty damn cheap.

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