Nearly four years ago, Bob Stull announced his decision to retire as UTEP Director of Athletics, capping off an 18-year run at the university. Three months after, Jim Senter was hired to take over the athletic department and help lead UTEP into a new era of college athletics.

On July 31, Senter signed a five-year extension with the university that will pin him with the athletic department through 2026. He is set to make an annual base salary of $350,295, with similar performance-based incentives as his first contract, along with an early termination clause. 600 ESPN El Paso received the full contract that was signed by Senter and University President Heather Wilson.

In November of 2017, Senter signed a four-year contract that paid him $300,000 per year. The only exception for his contract came in 2020 when the entire athletic department faced furloughs and reduced salaries.

He had similar performance incentives in his initial contract with UTEP as the latest one he signed in 2021, including:

  • One month annual base salary if…
    • Football participates in a bowl game
    • Men’s basketball participates in the NCAA Tournament
    • Women’s basketball participates in the NCAA Tournament
    • Any university varsity sport reaching the National Championship
    • UTEP receives a Multi-Year Academic Progress Report of 975 or above
    • Senter is recognized as National Athletic Director of the Year by an association
  • Two months annual base salary if…
    • Football team appears in a BCS Bowl Appearance
  • One week annual base salary if…
    • University Trademark license increases by 10%
    • Attendance increase of 10% in volleyball or soccer
  • Two weeks annual salary if…
    • Season tickets increase by 15% in football, men’s or women’s basketball
    • Attendance increases by 20% in football, men’s or women’s basketball
    • Increase in Miner Athletic Association membership by 15% over previous year
    • Corporate Sponsorship increase of 15% over previous year
    • Fall/Spring cumulative GPA of women’s teams exceeds 3.0
    • Fall/Spring cumulative GPA of men’s teams exceeds 3.0
  • $5,000 for each game played in the men’s basketball NIT
  • $2,000 for each game played in the women’s basketball NIT

Besides the pay increase—which Steve Kaplowitz pointed out is still among the bottom of C-USA—the biggest difference in the 2021 extension is the early termination clause by Senter. If Senter were to resign or leave for a better position, he will owe UTEP…

  • $250,295 if he leaves during the first year of this contract
  • $200,000 if he leaves during the second year
  • $150,000 if he leaves during the third year
  • $100,000 if he leaves during the fourth year; and
  • $50,000 if he leaves during the fifth year

After the Rodney Terry debacle unfolded, in which the former UTEP men’s basketball coach bolted to Texas for an assistant job without paying the buyout to the Miners, it is in UTEP’s best interest to put early termination clauses in every contract moving forward.

Last week rumors swirled of Senter receiving a five-year contract with a 30% pay increase. That is not the case, as Senter's jump from $300K to $350,295 is about a 17% pay increase at the average annual value.

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