For a number of reasons, Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey is not regarded as one of the 'nice guys' of the NFL.  In fairness to the 'Shocker' he is not a phony, and will never be a 'choir boy.'  That doesn't mean Shockey can't be a hero to a choking teammate.

According to the agent for Panthers tight end Ben Hartsock, Hartsock was choking on a piece of pork tenderloin in the Panthers' lunch room.  Hartsock went to the bathroom where a teammate unsuccessfully administered the Heimlich maneuver.

That's when big, strapping, tattooed #80 stepped in.  Shockey wound up and hit Hartsock in the back so hard the piece of meat came flying out of his mouth.

There are many adjectives for Jeremy Shockey, now add lifesaver to the list.