Earlier this week, the Philadelphia Eagles shocked the world when they decided to sign quarterback Tim Tebow to a one year deal. If you recall, Tebow hasn't played in the NFL since he was let go by the New England Patriots in 2013.

Now that Tebow is back in the NFL, so are his critics. Former NFL kicker Jay Feely was on the Jim Rome on Showtime show and said that in all the years he spent in the NFL, Tebow was the worst quarterback that he's ever seen:

“He’s such a dichotomy for me, because I really respect the person, the man, the things that he believes in and the things he does off the field. He was the single-worst quarterback I ever saw in my career in the NFL.”

The worst ever? Wow, that's harsh coming from a kicker. Especially since Tebow did manage to win a division title with the Denver Broncos and also led them to a playoff victory.