Hours after leaving the Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary post-show part, author James Miller joined The Dan Patrick Show to talk about the extravagant night for NBC. Before the conversation had ended, Miller had broken the news that he just signed a deal to write the screenplay for an upcoming movie about ESPN. 

Miller seemed surprised when the host asked him about the movie because the deal had "literally" just been signed.

"You have great sources," Miller joked with Patrick.

Very few people outside of high-ranking ESPN employees know as much about the company as the author. He co-wrote the best-selling book 'THOSE GUYS HAVE ALL THE FUN: Inside the World of ESPN,which delves into the history, feuds, highs, and lows of television's first 24-hour sports network. The research for the book included more than 500 interviews with employees and athletes, which will give him the ability to jump right into a script.

The movie is in its early stages of development, but the back-and-forth between these two men is fascinating. You can see the wheels turning inside Patrick's head as he processes the hundreds of questions and ideas that are racing through his head after discovering the movie