With the NFL players set to return to their camps in less than two weeks, football fans are excited about the 2020 season, even if some stadiums will be empty. Houston Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt took to Twitter this afternoon to share his feelings of uneasiness about playing amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Most of his concerns involve player safety and the lack of communication from the league or its teams.

Although Watt began and ended his list of concerns with "we want to play," he raised some great points about the league's failure to detail their safety policies to the NFL Players Association. What is even crazier is that one of the NFL's best players and future Hall of Famer has no idea if there will be any preseason games. Since the NBA sent its players a safety plan that was more than 100 pages long and MLB had a 67-page document outlining safety, the NFL should had a leather bound edition that more resembles a phone book. After all, the risks in a contact sport like football is significantly more than basketball or baseball. Watt has put the NFL on notice and it will be interesting to see how fast Commissioner Roger Goodell responds with the information that all players want to hear.

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