Earlier this month you might recall the news of El Paso's favorite, Rosco’s Burger Inn, being closed due to a kitchen fire.

Thankfully no one was injured in the fire and according to reports the fire only caused substantial damage to the restaurant.

When owner Jacob Carrasco shared the sad news on Facebook he mentioned that the restaurant would remain closed temporarily so owners and staff could clean up and do any other necessary repairs they need to before letting customers back into the restaurant.

No exact date was given on when the restaurant would open, but now we have a rough timeline of when it is expected to be back and running.

Jacob shared an update on the restaurant's Facebook page with a link to a GoFundMe Page that read the restaurant would be closed for about two months and the insurance would only be covering certain costs.

The page went on to explain that the GoFundMe page was to help the employees financially while all things got back to normal.

“We are humbly asking for support during this time and we greatly appreciate any donations given. The donation money will go to support our hardworking and loyal employees who rely heavily on their tips.”


Now, one might ask, “What about business insurance to cover the employees' pay?” And actually, one did comment that on Facebook under the GoFundMe post to which Jacob responded:

“We have appropriate coverage. However, there is a lot of red tape to navigate through. This donation page is meant to keep staff afloat until policy starts paying. Additionally, any funds not used will be donated in some form or fashion. We appreciate the concern, but remember, families, are struggling.”

Regardless of what your opinion is on this situation, no business ever wants to close its doors longer than they have to because they know this will impact the hard-working employees who rely on the tips or pay from working at the business.

So, if you’d like to help out in any way you can Click Here to donate. We hope to see Rosco’s Burger back up and running soon!


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