The convenience store world is going crazy and it's not just El Paso, Texas seeing big changes. Things are happening and names are changing all over West Texas.

The biggest thing happening in the 915 has been the 7-11/DK flip-flop. What seemed to be a ton of remodeling and upgrading turned out to be a huge buyout.

Meanwhile, fresh off the big buyout, 7-11 is making huge moves elsewhere in Texas by buying up all the Sunoco stores and Laredo Taco Company places for the bargain price of a cool Billion.

Here in El Paso, all the 7-11's got darker, more modern-looking paint jobs and a new name - DK. Which, apparently, comes from Delek US Holdings:

... a Tennessee-based oil refining company, which acquired the 7-Eleven licensed convenience stores in El Paso and other areas of Texas and New Mexico almost five years ago, has rebranded them as DK stores. - EPTimes

The scariest thing about all this? DK's getting rid of Slurpees. They say they will offer "comparable" items but, no ... there's no comparison. Slurpees are a magical blend. Not to mention an integral part of my diet.

Sure, you can get Icee's or whatever at Circle K and Sonic makes a mean slushy but Slurpees are the shizzle. They cool you off during our oven like summers, you can drop a little tequila in 'em and no one will ever be the wiser and they even cure hangovers.

All hope is not lost though as I've seen Slurpee swag popping up at local Speedway stores.  C'mon Speedway, don't let me down ... stick to the tried and true Slurpee formula and you'll have me for life.

All my gas and beer business too which, on the beer side, I think you'll find quite lucrative. Also, feel free to keep that free Slurpee day thing going.

It doesn't have to be July 11th, (7-11), pick whatever day you like. My birthday maybe, 7/3 ...

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