Ahh yes. Christmas time is here; time to get people what they want. what they need. But sometimes that doesn't happen. Sometimes we get presents that we didn't ask for, or worse, we don't WANT. I'm sure that's happened to us as all at one point. We've seen many videos online of people sharing what THEIR worst Christmas gift all over the internet with some hilarious, gross or horrifying results.

I asked El Paso on Facebook & Instagram, "what's the worst Christmas gift you have ever gotten?". It didn't matter if you were a kid, or a teenage or an adult. We can get great & horrible gifts at ANY points in our lives.

And boy did I get MANY responses to this question:

"Everything that your Secret Santa from work got you" -ccperez68


"Slippers, at first I hated them, but then used them like every day, who knew, cholos knew" - outloudadam.


Well there you go. You turned a negative into a positive.

"I asked for guitar picks, cables, capos, etc. So naturally my sis gave me a giant guitar pick mouse pad" - ashopeofficial.


Hey I'm not gonna lie... a guitar pick mouse pad sounds AMAZING.

"An ex-gf broke up with me on Xmas day" - anonymous

This one wished to remain anonymous but dang.. this one was sad...

And that's just scratching the surface. That's just a few of the answers I've gotten on Facebook & Instagram. So if you want to see some other horrible Xmas gifts that El Pasoans have received, you can see MANY more down below.

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40 Of the Worst Christmas Gifts El Pasoans Have Gotten

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