Back in 2004, a small movie called The Day After Tomorrow took the world by storm (no pun intended). For those who live in El Paso, it was amazing seeing our hometown on the big screen. Of course that wasn't the only thing from El Paso shown in the movie; a couple of our news anchors made appearances too.

In case you need a refresher of the scene that most people know that shows El Paso, here you go.

Which El Paso news reporters are in The Day After Tomorrow?

Now you probably noticed two different news anchors from just that one scene; a man holding an ABC 7 microphone & a woman holding a CBS 4 microphone.

Well they are in fact the REAL LIFE newscasters; Robert Holguin, who still works in El Paso television. I asked Robert if he remembered his time appearing on screen; sadly he doesn't have any photos but he DID remember having an awesome experience (he even told me he had his own trailer for the movie)

Robert has worked for KVIA & ABC 7 in the past; now he works for KFOX-TV

I think he all also know his amazing interview with Tracy Morgan.

And we can't forget the woman newscaster. That woman was none other than Suzanne Michaels who worked for KVIA 7 back in the 80s & 90s.

Robert was also nice to tell me that there were of course other people from El Paso in the movie; his friend Heber Gandara played the part of a Mexican Border guard. Also if you happen to own the movie on DVD, if you watch the Behind the Scenes, you'll find Robert's old audition FOR the movie. Also, my own dad appears in the movie too! If you watch the refugee scene with the helicopter, my father was in the food line amongst the people.

I'm sure there are more stories from people who appeared in the movie so I'll be very intrigued to hear more people talk about their experience on The Day After Tomorrow. Huge thank you to Robert for telling me about his experience on the movie!

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