Star Wars is one of the most iconic movie series out there & over the years Texas has shown its love to the franchise in unique ways. One of the ways the state has shown its appreciation to the series is by creating restaurants all dedicated to Star Wars. And here are some places you can find today through the state.

Galaxy B&G

Located near Fort Worth in Killeen, Texas, we have the Galaxy B&G (Bar & Grill). It's pretty clear they're heavily influenced by Star Wars just looking at their motto "May the Fork Be With You". They're without a doubt one of the most well known places to be centered around Star Wars. You can find the Galaxy B&G at 104 West Veterans Memorial Blvd.

Darkside Brick Oven Pizza

Another Star Wars restaurant that Texas will get to enjoy is found in Boerne, Texas. The Darkside Brick Over Pizza has a lot of art dedicated to classic films which, yes, include the Star Wars movies. They are set to open up on May 9th, 2024 according to their Instagram page.

Zoli's Pizza & Pasta

Thanks to TikTok, another Texas place catered to Star Wars fans is Zoli's. While it's not as "in your face" with the Star Wars references, they are definitely there if you go there.

Hoot & Annie

Located in Round Rock, the Hoot & Annie cocktail bar has been known to have special Star Wars celebrations. 113 W Main St, Round Rock, TX

There was another place that was a favorite amongst Texans; the Ill Minister Pub located in Dallas, who sadly closed their doors in 2022.

So looks like you don't need to load up a space ship to find these Star Wars places; you just load up the car and take a road trip.

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