Downtown El Paso has a brand new party spot that offers food, drinks and a truly "banging" good time.

Downtown El Paso has lots going on these days from events at Southwest University Park and the Plaza Theater to ghost tours, museums and lots more.

If you're looking for something fun to do before and after those things or you just want good food or a fun party night, you have a new option.

Ladies and Gents, meet La Bang Bang. The founders of Top Shelf, Franco Baca and Hector Hernandez, started their new venture to bring more fun and more flair to downtown El Paso. Emphasis on fun, flair and stellar SERVICE.

They don't always just bring you a drink, they can put on a show that makes these guys look like amateurs ... and they're the only place in El Paso I know of that does this.

The decor is a pretty cool mix of shadow box wall fixtures, "phantom" suspension chains that don't actually go all the way to the ceiling and clever lighting tricks that give La Bang Bang a very nice feel.

The bar itself kinda tells a story as the owners had friends and family bring in things special to them or that represented El Paso to place on it and that carries throughout La Bang Bang.

The bar top is a mosaic with memorabilia from friends and the community, from jewelry to military patches. They call the long hall leading to the restroom the “Green Mile,” decorated with frames of local legends and staples, such as the late WWE superstar Eddie Guerrero and Southwest University Park. And outside of the bar, couples can have engraved locks placed on metal bars designed to celebrate their special night. - ktsm

Check it out ...

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Downtown El Paso has a brand new party spot that offers food, drinks and a truly "banging" good time.

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Nothing I write here is going to truly get across how awesome this place is so stop by and see it for yourself. They're located at 414 E. San Antonio.

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