El Paso’s Aaron Jones is at it again despite it being one of the few “quiet” times in the NFL.

The Green Bay Packers running back and product of UTEP and Burges High School is showing the world what makes him so great.

Sure... he’s amazing at football, but he’s an even better guy.

He is being featured by the team on what’s being dubbed the #TailgateTour - a way to excite the fanbase across Wisconsin during a time of year when there isn’t a whole lot of football being played.

Back in February, The Prince of El Paso (as I guess I've dubbed him) - did a noble thing indeed. He reworked his contract not to help himself, but to help his team. A reporter was able to ask him about that.

Check it out:

How awesome is that? He sure puts things into perspective. Not many NFL players, or anyone for that matter, take less money to avoid being greedy. Plus, a little humility goes a long way. When leaders do great things it tends to cause a ripple effect in the community the represent.

Needless to say, the reactions from Packers fans are nothing but great.

It’s what makes El Pasoans so proud to call him one of their own in the Sun City.

But if that wasn’t enough to warm your heart, you may at least get a kick out of this. In addition to being the classiest guy in the NFL, he also found Sasquatch.

The full NFL schedule should be released in 2023 around May 11th. The NFL has seemingly settled in on early May as its scheduled release time period. The NFL Draft takes place from April 27 – 29 in 2023.

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