Growing up in El Paso, Texas, I’ve learned that this city has appeared on many television shows in the years. We’ve seen El Paso appear on the shows before like Cops World's Wildest Police Videos. Another show I remember watching was World’s Most Amazing Videos back in the late 90s and early 2000s. To this day I have that opening monologue playing back in my head...

Re-watching some of the older episodes, I was actually surprised to find out, El Paso also made an appearance on the show as well. Showing some of the...”best” driving in the rain that you’ll ever see.

What El Paso clip was shown on World’s Most Amazing Videos?

On June 20, 1999 in Horizon City (which is just a short drive outside of El Paso),  a white compact car carrying two occupants was seen trying to cross the road during a flash flood. One of the eyewitnesses, Eddie Toquinto, was interviewed on the show, retelling his experiences on what happened that day.

via YouTube
via YouTube

For a second it ALMOST looked like they were going to make it. But then they got deeper in the water and all hell broke loose...

The story was crazy enough but the fact that exists VIDEO of what would unfold is even more amazing. Thankfully both occupants would survive without injury.

Incredibly, the same video would be uploaded onto the National Weather Service El Paso’s YouTube channel in 2013 in its raw entirety, so you see it without the added audio from when it was shown on television.

This video definitely serves as a reminder that if the roads look bad & the weather is not ideal, don’t risk it. Just stay at home & wait til the weather is better. Don’t be like this guy and get your car stuck in the water; it too can get destroyed…

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