El Paso has one of the most haunted fire Stations in the United States of America. We also have, I'm pretty sure, the only one that's haunted by a monkey.

Fire station #9 has been ranked as one of the most haunted fire stations in the country. Fire station #10 also sees its share of ghostly shenanigans or, literally, "monkey business".

The monkey was first brought to fire station 10 in the 1930's as a gift for Captain Whirley who named him DP Lowry and built a strong bond with the new crew member. DP seems to have been quite a character who liked to dunk his donuts, enjoyed a smoke now and then and was said to be a bit of a flirt.

He and Captain Whirley got along great but, when it came to the other firefighters, not a lot of love there. He would bite them and they teased him a lot. One of the firefighters even brought in another exotic pet to try and settle DP down.

“Because the monkey used to mess with the fish in the pond so they got the alligator to mess with the monkey when he would mess with the fish. The alligator didn’t last too long though,” explained Chief Hoggard.

After Captain Whirley retired, the monkey stayed at the station with his successor for the next few years, but it is unknown where he ended up after. - ktsm.com

It sure sounds like they know where he is now.

Strange sounds and activity in the kitchen are some of the things DP does. In 2021, then Captain Abraham Human said he was once summoned from the bathroom to answer an emergency call only to find everyone else in the station sound asleep ... there was no call.

An investigation of the fire station basement indicated that the ghosts of both the monkey AND his owner may be present at station 10. Guess that explains the human voice ...

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