Okay, first of all, did you know that there are badgers in Texas?!

Mitch Mitchell via Unsplash
Mitch Mitchell via Unsplash

Somehow, I thought these critters were found in a more forest-like area. I guess I never stopped to think that Texas can be inhabited by badgers, and never did I think that they would also love to have a day at the beach!

But that's exactly what this one badger did. The mostly nocturnal creature was spotted in broad daylight by Facebook user Tom How on the shores of Padre Island National Seashore. Howe has a pretty amazing story about encountering the badger on the beach, and also shared some adorable photos. Check them out below.

Howe believes that the heat caused the poor creature to seek some sort of relief in the water. In this Texas heat, I would also love to be that badger cooling off in the cool ocean water!

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife department, badgers have claws that are long and sharp and they have a reputation for ferociousness when attacked- they also emit a strong odor kind of like a skunk! Which is great that Howe kept his distance from the badger! But he was close enough to capture video of the badger enjoying their beach day.

Texas Parks and Wildlife says of the badger:

The badger is found throughout Texas except for the farthest eastern edge. It occupies a variety of habitats and are most prevalent in the prairie and desert sections of the west

Which is great information for me, since I didn't know badgers lived in Texas!

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