With the newly-crowned champion of NCAA Men's Basketball being UConn - lead by El Pasoan Tristen Newton - it got me thinking about getting the ball rollin' on El Paso Sports.

West Texas has some awesome talent, and El Paso has not only stellar athletes but also some MAJOR minor-league action.

Check out the Twitter accounts below and take a follow - plus follow KLAQ here, too!

10. Duke Keith - Duke is an OG of KLAQ. He spent time on the Buzz Adams Morning Show (and survived)... and is currently the play-by-play announce for El Paso Locomotive FC and the El Paso Rhinos. Follow him here.

9. Steve Kaplowtiz - Steve needs no introduction... but if I were to give him one of course I would call him a big stupid jerk. The BEST big stupid jerk though, and the first to know when sports get real over the airwaves. Follow Steve here, and you can check him out as an *all-star* guest on the Buzz Adams Morning Show regularly.

8. Adrian Broaddus - There's no Sportstalk on 600 ESPN without Adrian Broaddus. He truly is the next Steve Kaplowitz and he's comin' in HOT on Steve's tail, so give yourself a head start and follow Adrian. His live tweets during games are essential when you can't get yourself in front of a TV.

7. Colin Deaver - Not only does Deavs not miss a beat, he literally sees everything. And he sees it first. He is so damn tall. Made his first appearance on SportsCenter this year because he's THAT GUY. That guy in El Paso who will show up on ESPN when El Paso Sports hits the headlines. He's the current Sports Director over at KTSM. Follow here.

6. Jon Teicher - The voice of the Miners. Assistant Athletic Director over at UTEP. Native of Detroit. BOSS. Follow Jon here.

5. Tim Hagerty - Triple-A El Paso Chihuahuas broadcaster. Author of two baseball books and baseball history articles. Visitor of 49 states. Follow Tim. Buy his books.

4. Rachel Phillips - Rachel is super special. Not only is she the premier female sports broadcaster in El Paso, but she is also the sideline reporter with Duke Keith during El Paso Locomotive Games. Rach is a native of Australia and is the type of person that works harder than anyone else in the room and cares deeply about her product and the community she's covering. Follow Rachel, and thank me later.

3. Aaron Jones - UTEP Alum, Green Bay Packer, Prince of El Paso. Need I say more?

2. El Paso Locomotive FC - Official Twitter of El Paso Locomotive FC. They update a lot... great photos, great updates. Follow right here.

1. Tristen Newton - Graduated from Burges in 2019, led UConn to an NCAA Championship in 2023, cousin of Aaron Jones. Follow Tristen here.

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