Valentine's Day is a day to celebrate love, but what if you have had a terrible breakup? Not to worry, the zoo in San Antonio has a great way for you to celebrate as well according to a KPLC report.

Not everyone will be celebrating this Valentine's Day as some people may be dealing with a broken heart. But, there is a way to sort of celebrate and make your ex the butt of a joke all while helping to raise money for the animals at the San Antonio Zoo.

The name of the fundraiser is the "Cry Me a Cockroach" fundraiser, and you must be 18 years old to be able to participate.

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Are you a scorned lover? Did your spouse break up with you and there is no love lost between the two of you? Here's what you can do. You will be able to symbolically be able to name a rat, cockroach, or vegetable after that not-so-special person. According to the zoo, they then use them for feeding at the zoo!

The San Antonio Zoo isn't the only zoo that has such a program as CBS News reports the Bronx Zoo also has a similar program. With the Bronx program, your donation comes with a tote bag or tumbler that can be sent to your ex.

The El Paso Zoo also has the same type of program, and while, their program is free, they do suggest that people make a donation. And, you may not believe this, but if you donate $1000 to the El Paso Zoo, their director Joe Montisano will eat a cockroach fro the $1000 donation!

The Knoxville Zoo in Tennessee has a similar program. For your donation, they will name a Hissing cockroach after someone who has broken your heart according to WBIR.

Were You the Victim of a Cheater?

Were you being two-timed? Why not raise a little money while getting a little vengeance? LOL!

In addition to the satisfaction that you receive from getting to name your ex, you will also receive a digital card from the zoo that's downloadable. Now, the obvious question is, will you send that along to the one who broke your heart?

Here is what the post on Facebook from the San Antonio Zoo says about their fundraiser:

Be part of the global sensation and ex-terminate your past and support a noble cause with the Cry Me a Cockroach Fundraiser. Symbolically name a roach, rat, or veggie after your ex or not-so-special someone, and San Antonia Zoo will help squash your past, a true heartbreak healer, by feeding your selection to an animal resident.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you donate $5 you can symbolically name a vegetable after your ex. If you spend $10, you can name a cockroach and if you give $25 you will be able to name a rat after your ex.

If you still aren't sure, you can click on the Frequently Asked Questions section to find out more about the program and how it works.

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