In 1993, a woman left her home in Magnolia, Texas headed to Houston for her job, and never returned home.

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Back on November 12, 1993, Jane McDonald-Crone left her home in Magnolia to go to her job in Houston.  However, Jane never returned to her home or family after leaving work that evening.


It is believed Jane visited several nightclubs in Harris County on the night of her disappearance and was last seen at 1 am.  She had been dancing with an unidentified man.  She was last seen wearing dark jeans, a light-colored long-sleeved shirt, and white tennis shoes/sneakers.  Crone's husband reported her missing on November 15, 1993.

Law enforcement believes that Jane was kidnapped.  The police found her 1982 blue Ford Mustang, a few days later on November 16, 1993.  It was found 3 miles from her home. No signs of violence were found in the car, neither was her identification or purse.  Her community college textbooks were found in the car.

Jane McDonald-Crone just disappeared.

At the time of her disappearance, she was 34, her birthday was December 16, 1958.  Jane had dark brown hair and green eyes.  She was 5'11 and 140 pounds.  Jane was believed to have been kidnapped.


What Happened to Jane McDonald-Crone?

Here's where the story gets weird, 27 years after her disappearance.  It was believed that she might have been found in Mexico.  Back in March 2021, a man by the name of Abraham Gonzalez in Monterrey, Mexico, found a homeless woman lying under a blanket.  After offering the woman help and talking with her, it was believed that this woman was Jane McDonald-Crone.

Was it Jane McDonald-Crone?

According to TV Azteca, a woman by the name of Sonia de la Garza, said that a US detective told them that Crone's family was located and that they said this woman looked similar.

It was also mentioned that the woman was unable to be located not long after and was also being sheltered in the National Migration Institute.

Editor's Note: Some information may have been lost in translation. 

The Charley Project Blog does not believe that this woman was Jane McDonald-Crone.  Stating that Crone's children had not heard anything about their mother being found.

However, the FBI still has her listed as missing and if this woman in Mexico was truly Jane Crone, then she would have been marked as found.

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