While We all enjoy the weather warming up and like to spend more time outside, there are many critters trying to make their way into our homes while we are getting out. From flies to spiders, these buzzing and crawling pests are always making their way inside, but none of them are as obnoxious as ants.

Where did they come from?

Once a few ants get into the house by squeezing through a door or window frame, they tend to keep on coming. The first few scout out whatever food source you have, and they let their whole colony know.

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This often happens in your pantry, or generally in your kitchen if you have any food or dishes that aren’t properly sealed. It can be a huge annoyance and often goes unnoticed until it gets really bad.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent them from getting into your home as well as ways to effectively get them out if you find them in and around your house.

From preventative measures, to destroying their scent trails, these are some effective ways at keeping ants out of your home this summer.

Natural Ways to Repel and Kill Ants

These methods can be used to keep ants out or get rid of them once they get inside.

If you are looking to keep other bugs away from your home, specifically ticks and fleas that will hurt you and your pets, there are a variety of plants you can add to your garden that will help keep them away. Plant them in spring and you can keep away bugs the whole summer. Keep scrolling for more information.

Plants That Ward off Fleas and Ticks

These plants help keep fleas, ticks, and other bugs out of your garden.

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