A Story Out Of Dallas, TX Is A Becoming A Warning To Ladies This Holiday Season To Pay Attention To Your Drinks If You're Planning To Go Out With Friends.

On November 26, the weekend after Thanksgiving, Breyanna Knox and Nakia Robertson, best friends of over 20 years, decided to head over to the Deep Ellum area of Dallas for a night out.

By the end of the night, both women would be sick and end up taking a trip to the hospital and they believe it was due to a bartender who they accuse of drugging them.

The Incident Allegedly Took Place At Harlowe MXM.

CBS Texas YouTube
CBS Texas YouTube

Harlowe MXM is a popular Deep Ellum restaurant and bar, and the women allege that when they arrived at the entrance, they say they were asked how badly they wanted to get in, and were only granted entrance after they promised to "show some love to the bartender."

Once inside, they made their way to the bar and ordered a round of lemon drop shots. The bartender even took one with them and ordered them another round free of charge.

Soon After Both Women Reported Feeling Ill.

CBS Texas YouTube
CBS Texas YouTube

After several free shots, the women reported feeling "spacey" and "in and out of consciousness before calling friends to pick them up. From here we'll let CBS Texas pickup the report.


Gossip Website The Shade Room Conducted Their Own Investigation.

After a trip to the hospital, Knox was told she tested positive for amphetamine. The bar employees deny wrongdoing despite an ongoing investigation into the incident according to a report from The Shade Room.

However, Knox and Robertson are not the only women speaking up. In fact, several other women have come forward and shared similar experiences after receiving drinks at Harlowe’s.

Dallas police have confirmed that they are investigating, but ladies please remember to keep an eye on your drinks and be careful!

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