The Start Of The New Year Also Brings The Start Of Crawfish Season In Texas.

I remember a time when folks wouldn't eat crawfish but every year at about this time, folks all over Texas begin to check in with their favorite seafood joints to see if mudbugs are available.

There's a problem this season though, things are off to slow start and you may have to wait awhile before you can pinch some tails and suck some heads.

Our Neighbors In Louisiana Are Dealing With A Drought.

Most of the crawfish we get in Texas comes from farms in Louisiana.

Louisiana leads the nation in crawfish production, but heading into this year's season, months of high temperatures and dry conditions have devastated crawfish farms according to a report from PBS News.

This in return is causing fewer crawfish and higher prices if you're looking to get your fix right now.

Owners predict that with current conditions, crawfish could be $1.50 per crawfish.

Crawfish Boil
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You read that right, A SINGLE CRAWDADDY will hit you for nearly $2.00 which puts costs to $16 to $18 per pound.

This has put some restaurants that rely on crawfish sales to boost their bottom line in a precarious position.

So How Can I Get My Crawfish Fix?

Crawfish Boil
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Well, its as simple as WAIT. It’s standard for the season to start at the end of January or the beginning of February, with March and April serving as the “sweet spot” for consumption.

Its also when the bugs are more plentiful and the price per pound drops to its lowest point. Later in the season, the crawfish get larger, some reaching the size of a small lobster, so if your best option right now is to be patient.

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