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Growing up in the Dallas/Ft. Worth Metroplex I was extremely lucky to get to experience one of the original and best-known amusement parks in the world, Six Flags Over Texas. My love for all things amusement parks came about when I got my first season pass to Six Flags when I was eight years old. Since then, I've been hooked on going to amusement parks.

There are so many different amusement/theme parks across the nation and thankfully Texas has a wide variety of them. My only wish is that I could hit up every single park and ride all the rides they have to offer, but as we know travel, hotels and some of the parks can be rather spendy.

Amusement parks draw in millions of guests each year because of the rides and roller coasters they offer along with shows and entertainment, food and treats, special events, and the atmosphere and environment. The biggest draw for any park in Texas, the U.S., or the world is its world-class roller coaster.

Not all theme parks are created equal.

While there are nearly 600 amusement parks in the U.S., unfortunately, some theme parks are a letdown for guests for various reasons. It could be because of the cost of admission, long lines, food options, or their safety record. Texas has a good number of those 600 parks and according to an article published on MSN from Wealth Of Geeks, two of the most disappointing amusement parks in the U.S. are here in Texas.

Most Disappointing amusement parks in Texas.

Some of the reasons given for these parks that make them among the most disappointing in Texas are:

  • one roller coaster
  • one water ride
  • not enough shade
  • more kid-oriented rides than thrill rides
  • rude and unprofessional staff
  • overcharged

Let's hope that these parks can invest in some true thrill rides for all ages and retrain their staff so that guests who visit their parks will have a more memorable visit.

There are 7 Exciting And Thrilling Amusement Parks Within 6 Hours Of Tyler

Within a half-a-day drive of East Texas, you could be experiencing some of the best roller coasters and amusement park rides in the country. You will definitely be experiencing an adrenaline rush and screaming at the top of your lungs as you take that big plunge down the first drop on some world-class roller coasters or on any other ride at these amusement parks.

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15 Defunct Six Flags Over Texas Rides That Have Been Removed But Not Forgotten

These rides once stood proud and brought joy and terror, in some cases, to those who rode them at Six Flags Over Texas. These rides no longer exist at Six Flags Over Texas. Yes, The New Texas Giant is there, but The Texas Giant went through a complete remodel and redesign and received an upgraded steel track and has a new configuration, and is no longer like the OG, The Texas Giant.

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Newest Coaster At Six Flags Over Texas, AQUAMAN: Power Wave

Six Flags Over Texas will open their 14th roller coaster March 11, 2023. This will be a launch-style first-of-its-kind water coaster

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Six Flags Over Texas Mourns The Loss Of Former Favorite Park Rides

Six Flags Over Texas wrapped up a huge celebration in August as it celebrated its 60th anniversary. During the 60 year history of Six Flags, there has been a handful of memorable rides, attractions and shows that have had to be retired and removed from the park for various different reasons. Here's a look back at them as they were displayed for the parks' 'Fright Fest' event.

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