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Drive along any Texas highway or Farm-To-Market road and you will notice brown and white signs pointing to a Texas historical site. When you stop to read these signs you will learn a lot about Texas history and what important events took place on that piece of land. If it weren't for these historical markers we would have no idea about our state's rich history.

Texas has been around for a long time and that's why there are more than 16,000 historical markers scattered throughout the Lone Star State. That's a lot of Texas history that has been written and continues to be written today. It's quite possible that a historical marker could be erected in your city commemorating something that you witnessed or were a part of.

The group, Preservation Texas, released a listing of the 9 most endangered places in the Lone Star State. The places on this list stretch across Texas beginning in the Panhandle down to the Rio Grande Valley from El Paso in the west to Longview in the East. If it wasn't for historical preservationists, these sites and the history that surrounds them could, and most likely be lost forever, including one site in Longview, Texas.

Members of the Preservation Texas group nominate historical sites each year that are important to them that are being threatened by neglect, demolition, or just need some kind of revival story in hopes of saving a site. The organization identified nine locations throughout Texas that are being threatened the most of being lost in time.

This organization has been naming historical sites that are in jeopardy of being lost since 2004. The latest list includes 9 sites, one of which is in Gregg County. Some of the places on the list are being threatened because of new development or years of neglect and lack of maintenance.

Can 5 Endangered Texas Sites Be Saved?

Through neglect, lack of maintenance, or trying to make way for progress, these nine locations throughout Texas have been identified as an 'endangered place' by Preservation Texas.

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Your 2024 Guide To 9 Exciting Spring Festivals And Events In East Texas

It is that time of the year for us to get outside and have some fun. There are exciting festivals and events that will be providing us with a lot of activities.

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One Tyler Restaurant Nearly Failed Their Latest Health Inspection (02-20-2004)

NET Health makes routine inspections of restaurants, food trucks, grocery stores, convenience stores, daycares, and healthcare facilities daily, and here are the results of their latest round of inspections.

NET Health grades these facilities on a demerit system. The lower the score the more perfect the establishment is with a goal of scoring a '0'. However, these restaurants missed the mark during their last inspection. 

Violation Points
The total number of points on the report total 100.
0-10 Demerits = A
11-20 Demerits = B
21-25 Demerits = C
26-30 Demerits = D
31+ Demerits = F

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27 Places To Enjoy Happy Hour In Tyler

Happy hour can be more than having a drink after work, it can also be a time for bonding and getting to know people. Here are 28 places to hang out with co-workers after work or just stop by to hang out at and meet new people.

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