The spring rainy season will be here soon in Dallas, Texas. With the potential for a lot of rain to fall over the next few months, there will most likely be a lot of standing water and if that standing water isn't cleared out when the weather warms up it'll just be a breeding ground for a Texas killer.


Thanks to warmer temperatures and standing water, mosquitoes will once again be swarming around us trying to get to our blood. We'll be trying our best to swat them away, but those disease-carrying insects are persistent and with one bite they could make many East Texans sick or even kill them.

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When it comes to repelling and detracting those pesky insects we often turn to some sort of bug spray, preferably one with DEET. DEET is one of the best ways to protect yourself from a mosquito biting you,  but there are some other ways to make yourself less of a target.

What you wear could attract or repel mosquitoes

Researchers have discovered that wearing certain colors of clothes can help you avoid these winged bloodsucking insects. The color of your clothing could determine the 'worthiness' of you being bit by them.

In addition, your carbon dioxide (CO2) output, sweat, and blood type may also play a role if mosquitoes are more attracted to you or not.

Ways to keep the mosquitoes away

  • Wear a mosquito repellent that's recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and pants to limit exposed skin susceptible to bites.
  • Remove areas of standing water, such as dog bowls, bird baths and garbage cans, as mosquitoes can use these areas to breed.
  • Keep your lawn and gutters clean.
  • Call a professional service to assist in control efforts.

So which colors are the best for repelling mosquitoes?

Generally the lighter the better, but these four are the best.

Keep Those Texas Mosquitoes Away By Wearing One Of These 4 Colors

According to experts, the lighter the color the less likely you are to attract mosquitoes. However, your blood type, sweat, and CO2 (carbon dioxide) output will come into play too.

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Another tip from some professionals, avoid red, orange and black outdoor furniture and decorations as these colors are more likely to attract unwanted pests.

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