We're all aware of feral hogs, from Amarillo, Texas to the pines near Nacogdoches. Feral hogs are a problem that has been plaguing our state for some time. What you might not realize, is that's not the only "swine" type problem our state has had to endure. Ever heard about the warthogs we have in Texas?

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Are There Warthogs In Texas?

You might be surprised to find out that, yes, there have been warthogs found in Texas. The same warthogs that you would expect to find in Africa. The same kind of warthogs that befriend meerkats and have problems with flatulence in Disney movies, except they're not as cute and friendly.

Yes, the Lone Star State has seen a warthog population spring up. Watch the video below to see for yourself.

The first sighting was supposedly in 2014. Before long, hunters in south Texas would report seeing more. Soon, piglets were discovered and the fear became that these warthogs would become a real problem. Feral hogs are bad enough. Adding warthogs to the mix could do even more damage.

Recently, warthogs in the Lone Star State were back in the headlines.

A Texas Man Was Brutally Attacked By His Pet...Warthog

Which is a sentence that I wish I had made up. Nothing against the man in the story, and I'm thankful he survived the ordeal, but a warthog does not seem to be the kind of animal someone should be chums with. You can find plenty of stories about how brutal and deadly they can be.

The individual had the warthog on his family's ranch. For years, the young man and this warthog were close. Then, one day, the warthog attacked. If you don't know much about a warthog attack, the key thing to know is that you're lucky to survive if they get the drop on you. Those tusks can do some incredible damage.

I have my hands full with a dog. I can't imagine having a warthog as a friend.

The Lone Star State is a fascinating place. It's a land full of beauty and a variety of wildlife, which I recently found out includes warthogs.

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