If you’ve seen even one episode of the iconic television show The Simpsons, then you’re probably familiar with Homer Simpson’s favorite place to spend time known as Moe’s Tavern. It’s depicted as a small dive bar in the television show and one bar in Austin, TX and another in Fort Worth, TX has once again decided to transform their restaurant into Moe’s Tavern as we approach the Halloween holiday.  

This is not a brand-new concept, in fact the team at Nickel City Bar is known for doing this as it’s been replicated for multiple years at this point. It’s something that both locals and tourists look forward to as we approach Halloween. It’s not just putting a sign outside the building either; they transform every aspect of the restaurant to being exactly like Moe’s Tavern on the television show.  

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They Changed Their Website Too 

When you visit the Nickel City Bar website it has also changed to say Moe’s Tavern. It shows the two location addresses (1133 E. 11th Street in Austin) and (212 S. Main Street in Fort Worth). Just a heads up, the bar is cash only. 

The Food and Drink Items Are Fantastic 

To keep with the theme the bar will have drinks using character names like the FLAMING MOE for $16 or the DUFF MAN COMBO which is a shot and a beer for $8. The food menu is also very creative Krusty Burger for $10 or Barney’s Fried Bologna sandwich for $8. There are lots of other food and drink options to choose from. You must once again applaud the creativity to put something like this together!  

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