Every time you turn around, someone shakes their fist and exclaims, "There outta be a law!!" It seems that morality laws that try to limit behavior are a favorite of legislatures these days.

Right now, several states are considering passing a law to restrict the purchase of a common household staple and if the laws are enacted, you'd be required to show your  ID to buy it.

Why You'd Need to Show ID to Buy Baking Soda

If you're a baking soda fan, this will burn a bit. I use baking soda to eliminate odors in my refrigerator and washing machine, and I like to combine it with white vinegar to clean my sink and countertops.

Will Arizona require ID for baking soda purchases

Not only is baking soda a natural, less harsh solution to other cleansers, but the bubbly reaction between baking soda and vinegar is fun to watch—in a sixth-grade science project kind of way.

Oh, and I hear you can also use it for baking. Although this isn't my forte, I'll take others' word for it.

Buying Baking Soda? Let's See Your ID

Recent murmurs across state legislatures suggest a new trend: states like Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Texas are considering regulating the purchase of baking soda. In other words, you'd have to show ID to purchase it.

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The rationale is that this seemingly innocent kitchen staple has found itself entangled in the web of illicit drug manufacturing and silly viral TikTok challenges.

Will Arizona require ID for baking soda purchases

Baking Soda is living a double life: in cooking - and as an ingredient in certain street drugs. The latter has gotten the attention of lawmakers in some states, although no laws have yet been passed restricting the purchase.

Will Arizona Ban the Purchase of Baking Soda?

Arizona has a reputation for a more hands-off approach regarding legislation.

Will Arizona require ID for baking soda purchases

As of now, there's no law in the Grand Canyon state that mandates residents show ID when buying baking soda—at least, not yet. States east of the Rio Grande may be considering some changes, but nothing is in the works in our state.

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