After reading a tweet from KVIA's Asher Wildman late last week that Isaac Hamilton has still not filed his appeal for his release from his National Letter of Intent, it made me wonder what he and his family could be thinking.

With the process normally taking six to eight weeks and fall classes at UTEP starting August 26th; Hamilton is putting himself in an awkward situation. Let's say hypothetically when he finally decides to file an appeal over the next week or so, the National Letter of Intent steering committee will not have a determination until the middle of September at the earliest unless the process is expedited.


If Hamilton is granted his release he could miss his window to enroll in California where most schools (excluding USC which starts August 26th) start classes after Labor Day (September 2nd). Assuming USC sticks to their word and doesn't pursue Hamilton, UCLA could be the wild card and swoop in with classes starting September 27th.
And as most college students know there is still some leeway signing up for classes past the official first day of the semester/quarter.
Seems like Hamilton and his family are playing a dangerous game by waiting until the eleventh hour to file their appeal unless they feel UTEP head coach Tim Floyd is concerned about not being able to use the last available scholarship that Hamilton possesses at this juncture and decides to release the McDonalds All-American with enough time to pick up a late signee.
At this point that scenario is highly unlikely as Floyd and the athletic department seems content to stand their ground and await an impending decision from the NLI committee.
For someone that seems to have their heart set on staying home to play in front of their ailing grandmother, the sense of urgency is just not there for the Hamilton family to get Isaac into any school at this point.
Your move, Mr. Hamilton.