After a couple of extremely negative tweets last night about UTEP star sophomore forward Vince Hunter, one could only assume that he may very well not be returning to play for the Miners next season. UTEP senior Associate Athletic Director Jeff Darby sent out both tweets about Hunter and deleted them after recieving some harsh critism from fans.  Darby's second tweet mentioned, "talked to the 13 NBA scouts here and the consensus is that Vince Hunter lacks the perimeter game to play at the next level." Shortly after deleting the tweets, Darby issued an apology to Hunter, Coach Floyd, his staff and the athletic department. He admitted that he meant to send the tweets from his personal account.

It is understandable that the program as a whole was disappointed about their mediocre performance against Murray State in first round of the NIT Tournament in what resulted in an 81-66 loss. However, it is unprofessional and unacceptable for someone who plays such a major role in the program like Darby to send out the type of tweets that were sent out last night.

As for Hunter, it is now obvious that he may leave UTEP next season. Hunter is not ready for the NBA, and needs two more years of college basketball to fully develop into an NBA-caliber player.  Overall this is a bad situation for UTEP.  What kind of message does this send to future recruits?

I think Hunter is as good as gone, and whether he is going to transfer to another program or attempt to enter the NBA draft, it is his decision, one that he is entitled to, and should not be frowned upon.  People are entitled to their opinions on social media, that is one of the many reasons it is so appealing and unique.  After all everyone seems to have an opinion, some should simply be kept to ourselves though.

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