Now this is the funniest and best thing I have seen in a long time.

Summer is here and you might be looking for some sunscreen. Most of the time you are looking for something with good ingredients and whatever SPF level you need.

Some people think here in West Texas and Lubbock we have our own kind of special sunscreen. Now I am not sure if this is actually what this person was doing, probably not but it is so funny.

We all know we sneak in tortillas at Texas Tech games. One band member from The Goin' Band from Raiderland is going viral for the "sunscreen" he used at a Texas Tech game.

Take a look.

Do you think this actually worked? I mean it does block your skin. I am definitely going to laugh if we see this more at games this year.

I guess we will find out on September 9th, 2023, which is our first home game for the season vs Oregon.

Here is the full schedule from ESPN:

Sat, Sep 2TBDTickets as low as $70 
Sat, Sep 9TBDTickets as low as $105 
Sat, Sep 16TBDTickets as low as $12 
Sat, Sep 23TBDTickets as low as $66 
Sat, Sep 30TBDTickets as low as $33 
Sat, Oct 7TBDTickets as low as $57 
Sat, Oct 14TBDTickets as low as $24 
Sat, Oct 21TBDTickets as low as $45 
Thu, Nov 2TBDTickets as low as $34 
Sat, Nov 11TBDTickets as low as $58 
Sat, Nov 18TBDTickets as low as $24 
Fri, Nov 24

Get your tortillas ready y'all and Wreck 'em!

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