Although El Paso native and San Francisco 49ers' fan, Jaime Chavez, now calls Tampa his home -- he was very unhappy to hear about his mother's house in El Paso...

Was it vandalized? Probably not if you ask the police, but most definitely vandalized to Chavez who said his mother's driveway curb address was repainted -- but not to his liking.

After answering the door to a man who wanted to touch up their curb side address, Chavez' mother decided to jazz up the simple four number address with the 49ers painted along with it. It was an option the man offered.

Well deep down we know where this man's loyalty lies when it comes to football. Granted, Chavez grew up in Cowboy territory, but 49ers fans are not hard to find in this town.

A few stencils later mixed with what looks liked a free-hand attempt for the Niners part...this is what Chavez received from his mother via picture mail.

If you don't recognize the insult then you must not understand the history between Cowboy and 49ers fans.

Chavez wrote on his Facebook,"What kind of crap is this??? My mom tells the dude to put 49ers and he puts a red Cowboys star, too?? Wth??"

Most of his El Paso friends poked fun at the idea. But I can relate. I too had my parent's driveway done, asking for a Double T for my Red Raiders. While he had the right colors, apparently he only had the Texas Rangers stencil. Too funny!

One thing is for certain, for about 15 bucks, you can buy yourself a laugh because these characters sell jokes!

Chavez' innocent mother thought the star made for great and timely holiday decor.

Has something like this ever happened to you?


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