It's not going away forever but, demolition work has started on the Northeast high school as it - and a number of other schools - are getting major makeovers!

A 2016 Bond Project set the stage for some major renovations to a number of schools within the El Paso Independent school district. In addition to Irvin; Andress, Austin, Burges, Coronado, El Paso, Jefferson/Silva, Bradley, Collins, Crockett, Dowell, Hughey, Johnson, Henderson, MacArthur, Ross and Terrace Hills are also undergoing reconstruction.

According to El Paso Inc:

The El Paso Independent School District 2016 Bond includes 17 major construction projects, which include a combination of new facilities and renovations to existing facilities to modernize our student’s learning environments.The EPISD Bond Team hired 10 architecture firms to take on the task of designing these spaces. Since Summer 2017, they have been working with faculty, parents and community members to finalize their designs.

For more on each individual project, click here.

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