The "Unwritten Rules" of baseball have been a point of contention recently among baseball fans.

Followers of the old-school approach to baseball constantly bemoan that sportsmanship is being killed in front of them every time a 20-something phenom sends a baseball into orbit and pumps his fist.

The latest victim of this derision is Tampa Bay Rays shortstop Wander Franco, who's easily on pace for an All-Star nod if not more.

Yesterday, the 22-year-old made a catch and throw in a game against the Pittsburgh Pirates that is objectively art.

If I turned the clip of this play in completely unedited to one of my film professors in college, I'd likely get a 90.

The catch, the confident ball flip, the perfect low throw.

It has what the kids today like to call "unspoken rizz".

(Look I'm young, but even I'm starting to fall behind on trends and slang.)

But naturally, as you can see in the tweet above, no one is letting this guy just have fun being one of the best athletes on the planet. People who couldn't have made this play if they tried 100 times are feeling the need to rag on Franco for... being really good, I guess?

Just amazing levels of "no fun allowed" here.

And to suggest he should get hit intentionally for it?

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Look I don't mind a little intentional contact when the circumstances are right, but the play was just impressive and fun.

Besides, the runner was out by a mile anyway.

So yeah, this is probably gonna be the new bat flip but for defensive baseball.

Will some players try this and screw it up, leading to an error?

Absolutely, there's only one Wander Franco after all.

But the MLB does want more offense...

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