In the state of Texas, if you suspect a police officer attempting to pull you over isn't legit, you don't have to stop right away. Instead, do this ...

There have been a number of cases where bad people impersonate cops in order to gain trust in, or access to, people and then victimize them.

Cops know that and they understand if you need more than flashing lights on a black and white vehicle to convince you they're real.

A guy in Florida recently got life in prison for impersonating a cop. He used realistic police lights on his vehicle and a fake badge to pull women over and then raped them.

Sadly, such things have happened many times and police "impersonators" have used their perceived role as a law officer to commit other crimes as well.

Peeps have every right to demand proper ID from cops but, until you're face to face, it's hard to do that.

What Do I Do If I Suspect A Fake Cop Is Stopping Me?

So, if you are being pulled over and suspect a faker, here's what Texas DPS says to do:

... turn on your hazard lights and drive slowly and carefully below the posted speed limit; you may call 9-1- 1 and remain on the phone with the operator while you stop and verify the officer’s identity; you may drive to a nearby well-lighted, populated place to stop. - dps

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Can I Be Charged Or Penalized For Failing To Stop Right Away?

Better safe than sorry is a mantra that cops will understand and you won't face any charges for not immediately stopping once your motivation's been made clear.

Once you're stopped, you can only be held for a reasonable length of time.

For more info on what can and can't happen when stopped by the Poh-Poh, click here.

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