I know of a plant that scoffs at goatheads.

Goatheads and other stickers have little needles around a quarter inch long. They are NOT fun to step on. Cacti are not fun to fall into, but you can usually see a cactus comin' and avoid it. Heck, some people even eat cacti around here (possibly as some form of revenge).

I have another job site, and another side hustle, and there are all kinds of plants and wildlife there. We try to most of the stuff trimmed down, poisoned, or dug up. There is still one plant that gets us time after time and is extremely hard to kill. Since we never really saw it in its mature or more normal form, we started calling them "Jesus Bushes". We called them that because quite frankly, they look what you'd make a crown of thorns out of (no disrespect meant at all), and also due to the fact that one you got poked by one you'd more often than not say, "Jesus!".

The plants, which again are usually in the baby bush state where we are have thorns that are around an inch to an inch and a half or more long. They will slash you like a knife or poke you like a needle. The resulting wound stings like a son of a gun too.


If you haven't figured out what I'm talking about yet, it's young Mesquite. Holy cow, I hope your barbeque tastes good from burning the full-on trees because the offspring are total jerks. Mesquite gets my vote as the most hateful, painful plant in all of Texas.

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